Use freely the applet 'VirtFire'

This virtual fire can generate various words!

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Total download size of zip file, including the applet, examples and a visual HTML generator is 214 KB.
The applet size is 15 KB.

Click here to download trial version 1.2 (self-extracting EXE file)

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Let your Web site or even a simple html page be more attractive with a superb effect that makes your messages fly from the fire!
You are able to use virtual fire for generating words and you can move words in any direction!
You don't even need to know Java or HTML. You just customize the applet with the visual interface and you get what you need.
A feature-rich applet previewer (HTML generator) gives you opportunities to change the parameters of text, style of fire, and more without any Java or HTML programming knowledge. The applet previewer allows you to view your work as you change the applet parameters.
Adding a little life to a static and motionless picture will enhance any project.
The zip file contains the Java applet (the applet size is 15 KB), an applet previewer, description of parameters and examples of applet customizing.
A very user friendly interface helps you to satisfy the requirements of your site.
Use the applet to announce news and link to other pages, to create a unique congratulations and advertisement, that will be striking evidence of your own style.
You can considerably enhance the site without much effort.
Note that the software doesn't integrate itself to the operation system. It doesn't change your system's configuration or your files in any way.

An example of using VirtFire

Create a unique congratulation! It's easy!
All you do is go to the 'HTML generator' page
and look for the Text box in the upper right-hand corner.
Then type the text and click ' Preview'!
This launches the attractive Congratulations panel!

Add some virtual fire to your web site!

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