The following code can be cut and pasted into an HTML document. Make sure that the
VirtFire.jar file is placed within the same directory as the HTML document that contains
this code.
<APPLET ARCHIVE = VirtFire.jar CODE=fire.Fire.class CODEBASE="./" width=320 height=100>
  <PARAM NAME="text" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="fireheight" VALUE="80">
<PARAM NAME="fontsize" VALUE="20">
<PARAM NAME="verticalpos" VALUE="60">
<PARAM NAME="textcolor" VALUE="00BFFF">
<PARAM NAME="direction" VALUE="up">
<PARAM NAME="fadingspeed" VALUE="5">
<PARAM NAME="nfcycles" VALUE="3">
<PARAM NAME="nscycles" VALUE="8">
<b>Your browser is completely ignoring the &lt;APPLET&gt; tag!</b>


Name Description Default value
Text Scrolling text, which can be as many words
as you like, but can only take up one line.
(The total text length, plus empty space
taken on the right and left of the
text, should be less than the size specified of the
“width” attribute of the APPLET HTML tag.
Otherwise the program will work differently.).
Text font Font type of the scrolling text. Dialog
Font Style Font style (Plain, Bold, Italic, Bold+Italic). Plain
Font Size Font size of the scrolling text in points (1-330). 20
Text color Text color sets the color of the scrolling text
(should be entered as a hexadecimal
red-green-blue value six symbols long).
Text vertical position Sets the vertical position of the scrolling text
in the scroll screen, in pixels ( 1-Height ).
Speed Sets the speed of scrolling (1-5). 1
Direction Sets the direction of scrolling ("to the left",
"to the right", "up", "down").
to the left
Target window "_blank" - new window,
"_self" - window (frame) that contains the applet,
"_parent" - parent frame,
"_top" - top-level frame,
"other" - go to the text field for entering custom
frame name
other target Custom  window (frame) name.  
Height of Fire (0-80) 80
URL The link text, which when clicked on the applet
area will take you to the specified  URL.
The text can be as many words as you like,
but can only take up one line.
Fading Sets how the fire dies down. Yes
Fading delay The  delay in milliseconds; it represents
the speed of the type.
Number of first
cycles (flying letters)
Number of cycles of flying letters. 3
Number of second
cycles (moving text)
Number of cycles of moving text. 3
Key Registration Key (if you have it) for
the domain name. It allows you to remove
a status bar message, copyright notice,
and "Unregistered" sign that will appear
when the Key parameter isn't correct.



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